Write to us about your best moment with your Zetor tractor, when the tractor did not let you down and was a tower of strength to you.

A tower of strength my Zetor tractor was from a very beginning I have started to work in agriculture on my own. It was only reliable machine in my farm in first years. It was good to know I can trust it on all hardest jobs. So, after all these years, I can say it was a good start and foundation of my farm.

In your opinion, what are ZETOR Zetor tractors best at, and what why do you like them for?

Zetor tractor is simple to maintenance, well built and tough in field works and on the roads. Sometimes even too much. I like it for its reliability and beautiful engine sound, which is in a cab as good as outside. I love that. In some angles tractor looks good too. Godspeed Zetor!